Mercato brings independent groceries into the future. In the days before the supermarket, people went to local shops to get food: the baker, the fruit stand, the small grocery store. Food artisans provided good, clean food and kept close to the land, to the source, and became masters of their crafts over decades of work. Small grocery stores were the keystones of their communities, and still are today. Incredibly, there has been a resurgence of food artisans and independent groceries in recent years. Mercato elevates your access to these food providers.

What we do at Mercato is modernize how people buy locally sourced ingredients. We do this by closely connecting independent groceries with consumers. Mercato equips high-end grocers with an easy-to-use platform of marketing, e-commerce, and service tools, paving the way for smooth online ordering and delivery right to your door.

Though we are a tech company that uses modern methods to simplify the producer-to-buyer transaction, we have deep roots in food craftsmanship. Our CEO, Bobby Brannigan, grew up in his father’s butcher shop and grocery store in Brooklyn. The logistics of running a grocery store are complex, and Bobby knows them well from his time behind the counter. He built Mercato with all the small details in mind, right on down to creating bigger product cards–easier to click for butchers who tend to have large thumbs.

Bobby enjoys helping artisans like his dad sell food. He enjoys the grocery business. As a result, Mercato is a grocery company that builds technology rather than a tech company that builds groceries.

Mercato connects you with food providers like Bobby’s dad. Using Mercato, you’ll know your independent grocers and food artisans as if they were down your block. Our technology brings out the best in our amazing grocers, who sell bread, meat, and vegetables you wouldn’t believe. Our vendors make us excited for the past and future of food, excited for what Mercato can do for people who love to eat. Most of all, we are excited for you to get started with Mercato, to connect with your favorite food providers, and to discover some new ones.